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Aug 24

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In the photo sequence above, a bubble is created at the interface between two immiscible liquids—water on top and denser hydrofluroether (HFE) below. Initially, the bubble expands explosively due to the vaporization of water generated by a short laser pulse. As the bubble collapses, a jet forms and accelerates into the HFE.  After collapse, the bubble remnants injected in the HFE cause the formation of a jet that shoots back into the water above. Surface instabilities make the jet assume a mushroom or crown-like structure that detaches from the jet. Eventually gravity will return the system to its initial undisturbed fluid-fluid interface.  (Photo credit: S. Avila et al. 1,2)

Jul 10


You go, girl.


You go, girl.

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Jun 18

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Jun 11

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